Cries of the Heart - Part 3

31 March 2022

I’ll never forget the day when my dear friend, the late Dr. Gary Smalley, the “guru” of marriage and family wisdom...

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Cries of the Heart - Part 2

3 December 2021

At the top of the list of “things I wish I would have known” as a young and naïve father of four children, my five-decade...

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The Cry of Every Child's Heart

30 September 2021

In a moment of parental frustration have you ever asked your child (just before you pulled your hair out), “What’s wrong...

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"I'm Third" Kids

26 July 2021

Without a doubt, after counseling and coaching kids for fifty years, the happiest children are “I’m Third” children....

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Happy Mother's Day!

7 May 2021

May is the month when we honor moms, and rightfully so. How many times, as a kids’ camp director, have I seen the positive...

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Children

9 February 2021

Happy 2021 with hopes that this letter will help bring more happiness into your home during this season of political angst,...

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The Architecture of a Most Memorable Family Christmas

9 December 2020

I love Christmas music and all it represents. In my little hillbilly town of Branson, we begin Christmas around November...

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Thankful Hearts

12 November 2020

The best years in our lives are, by design, the years we are blessed to have children of our own, under our roof, around...

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Building Kids with Grit

2 November 2020

Debbie-Jo and I wanted our kids to get dirty… not just on the knees of their blue jeans but on their elbows, faces, and...

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Safe Eyes, Safe Hearts

24 September 2020

Wow! What a strange year this has been! Because of Covid-19, our world has been turned upside down in many ways. As I’ve...

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